Employment Opportunities


  • Paid Childcare Worker - PART TIME

    Purpose: The purpose of the paid childcare staff is to provide the best, interactive care possible for our nursery and preschool children in order to lay the spiritual foundation for them to grow in a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and to give their parents the opportunity to grow in their relationship with Christ through Bible studies, worship, serving, etc.


    Supervisors: Children’s Director, Family Pastor, Church Administrator, Pastor


    Hours: As needed within these time frames –

                 Sunday 8:15 am - approximately 12:30 pm

                 Monday 6:00 pm – approximately 8:30 pm

                 Wednesday 5:30 pm - approximately 8:30 pm

                1st & 3rd Fridays 9:00 am– approximately 11:30 am (during school year)

         Programming hours often change during the year. You will be notified of these changes as they develop. We occasionally have special events that require Paid Childcare Staff. You will be notified of special events at least two weeks in advance.



    • Provide focused, enthusiastic, positive care and interaction to children (primarily Nursery and Preschool children ages 0-4, but not limited to these ages). Cell phone usage, personal conversations, reading/studying and any other activity that would inhibit or restrict focused care are prohibited while on duty. TV/movie viewing is to be kept to a minimum; only authorized, age-appropriate videos are to be shown and only with the approval of your supervisor. Our intent is to provide active, hands-on fun and learning for our children. Full attention is to be given to the children and their parents at all times.
    • Be here on time when scheduled. Punctuality and attendance are crucial to the safety of our children and to the execution of our ministries. Paid staff needs to be here when scheduled and not leave until all work has been accomplished unless otherwise instructed by your supervisor. If you are unable to work your shift, the Children’s Director should be notified one week in advance. (Barring special circumstances)
    • Cheerfully greet parents and children as they enter classroom.
    • Ensure that children have safely checked in, as appropriate, when they enter the classroom.
    • Learn names of children in your care and the names of their parents.
    • Observe all child safety, security, and emergency policies and procedures set forth by the church. Note: No adult (paid or volunteer) is ever to be alone with a child.
    • Provide appropriate biblical/spiritual instruction as requested by supervisor and be able to guide children in their understanding of Christ by answering spiritual questions they may have to the best of our ability.
    • Ensure the Preschool Rooms are properly cleaned and sanitized after each use.
    • Report any problems or concerns (safety, security, discipline, etc.) to your supervisor.
    • Complete incident reports when needed and follow up with your supervisor. Every incident (falling, biting, scratching) needs to be put on an incident report and reported to both the Children’s Director and the Parent, especially head injuries.
    • Follow discipline guidelines as set forth by the church. Physical discipline is not to be used - - verbal warnings in a controlled voice, time out, and parent contact are acceptable methods of discipline.
    • Attend training when provided by the church.
    • Other duties as assigned.
    To apply please email to our Children's Director, Kylie Walker at kwalker@wynnbrookbaptist.com