PIllows Of Love

In April 2010 I was going for my routine mammogram and found out that I had breast cancer.  I was diagnosed with a well differentiated grade 1, stage 2, infiltrating mammary ductal carcinoma breast cancer.  The tumor had the Her2neu protein 3+ strong positive and estrogen 3+ strong positive which meant it was a very aggressive cancer.  It was not inherited so my sister and daughter were no in harms way.  

In May I had a lumpectomy and was given a little heart shaped pillow at Columbus Regional Breast Care Center.  At the time, I did not realize Women on Mission of Wynnbrook Baptist Church in Columbus, Georgia had started a mission in February of 2010 making these heart shaped pillows and I had just received one to help in my recovery, chemo and radiation.  

Tracy Tom was working in the Columbus Regional Recovery Room and saw the need for pillows after surgery.  She asked her mother, Jane Harden, if she would be interested in making them.  Jane, a Woman on Mission member at Wynnbrook, made them and soon realized it would be a great mission project.  Seventy five (75) pillows were given to the Columbus Regional Hospital and their Breast Care Center that first year.  Because it was February, with 'Valentine' hearts being so popular, the pillows were made in the shape of a heart.  As it turned out, it was the perfect shape for patients going through breast cancer, chemo, dialysis, and other surgeries.

After hearing how Jane had started this project, I went by her house to tell her just how much this pillow meant to me during this time and to show her that I had almost wore it out.  She gave me another pillow and showed me how to make them.  I joined Jane and started making them for others and we now have a team of volunteers helping.  

We contribute them all year to those at the John B. Amos Cancer Center in Columbus and anyone having surgery in other places.  Men and children with broken bones, or many kinds of surgery and those going through a rough time that just need a little "lift me up" can receive a Pillow of Love.  This ministry has caught on here at Wynnbrook and we would love to have your help as well.