JOB TITLE:  Pastor for Pastoral Care & Senior Adults (Part-time) 

ACCOUNTABILITY: Reports to Senior Pastor

JOB SUMMARY:  Job Summary: To assist the Senior Pastor in pastoral care, counseling, visiting the sick and homebound; providing leadership to Senior Adults, activities and outreach.


  • Keep records of church members who are sick, in the hospital, or other medical and long-term care facilities. 
  • Visitation of homebound members.
  • Keep records of widows and contact info. 
  • Provide this information weekly to the church staff and regularly share this information with the elders, deacons, and the appropriate small groups promptly.
  • Regularly visit hospitals, and other medical or long-term care facilities offering pastoral care and encouragement. 
  • Keep Senior Pastor and church staff, elders, and deacons informed on members’ situations.
  • Counsel church members (upon request), funerals and weddings as approved by the Senior Pastor. 
  • Give leadership to the Senior Adult program of the church. 
  • Provide support for the Senior Adult organization, ministries, outreach, prioritizing activities, and coordinating them with the church calendar and planning budgets. 
  • Manage the annual Ministry Plan for areas of responsibility and contain costs in a manner that does not exceed the current year's budget. 
  • Participate in the Ministry Plan process. 
  • Challenge, motivate, and recruit church members for involvement in outreach. 
  • Participate with church staff and members in seeing contacts, prospects, and visitors assimilated into Wynnbrook Baptist Church. 
  • Seek to incorporate an outreach component into every church activity for visitors and prospects to be drawn to Wynnbrook Baptist Church. 
  • Give leadership to other regular outreach-oriented programs to see more members of the Church involved in reaching out to missing members, prospects, and the unchurched. 
  • Any other responsibilities assigned by the Senior Pastor.


Seminary degree in Theology and Pastoral Care or equivalent; or four to ten years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. 


  • Ability to respond effectively to the most sensitive inquiries or complaints and maintain confidentiality. 
  • Listening skills must be excellent with a proven ability to understand what is said and what is meant. 
  • Active listening is essential to effectively represent the ministry of the church in a positive manner. 
  • Written skills must be strong and flexible. 
  • Experience writing a formal letter or report, a proposal, background briefing, memos, email communications, and personal notes is strongly desired. 
  • Writing must be clear, concise, passionate when required, and compelling. 
  • Verbal skills must be polished, facile, and quick. 
  • Clarity of expression, good organization of thoughts, effective articulation, and humor are a must. 


  • Ability to apply principles of logical or scientific thinking to a wide range of intellectual and practical problems. 
  • Ability to deal with a variety of abstract and concrete variables.


  • Evidence of a mature and growing Christian Walk characterized by Paul in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. 
  • Personal wisdom and sufficiency are grounded in Christ, with a life submitted to God’s authority in all things. 
  • Can effectively lead others in prayer. 
  • Gives regularly and generously to the work of the church. 
  • Readily applies scripture to personal and professional situations. 
  • Can articulate Baptist theological understandings on a range of issues in agreement with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

If you have a passion for pastoral care as described, please consider sending a cover letter, resume with references, with links to your work to